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We meet with clients in one of our Florida offices or via the internet using GoToMeeting, a free application. Which do you prefer? *

We do not do counseling over the phone, nor do we use Skype, Facetime or any other application.

We are a stand-alone counseling center that is not supported by an outside church or ministry. The financial consideration for our services is per 50 minute session and is based on a sliding scale according to total monthly household income. The scale is as follows:

<$1500 per mo.: $90 per session
$1500-$2500 per mo.: $115 per session
>$2500 per mo.: $140 per session

Payment is due at time of service for in-office clients. Internet clients will receive an invoice prior to the session.

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Thank you for your interest in our services! We appreciate your confidence and will do all that we can to help you.
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